About us

4WIS hopes to make products that you would like to keep in your collection, and almost all of our products are made by hand.

About 4WIS meaning

WIS is short for Wisdom.
4WIS means more wisdom.
Wishing we all have personality, wisdom, and abundance.

About our designer

Since 1998,Chris.C has been working on helping customers to match clothes and accompanying them to chiose for jewelry.
In her work experience, she has found that inexpensive, beautifully crafted jewelry that uses high-quality raw materials is unavailable.
So she wants to present the beautiful jewelry of her imagination by hand, while Chris.C travels around the world to search for some exquisite raw materials, hoping to create something of your heart together with you.

Before all 4WIS products can impress you, it must first be able to impress myself.

~ Designer : Chirs.C

About our quality

About us